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David Hamilton

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David Hamilton brings a wealth of technical knowledge and diverse experiences to his work as a data scientist. For nearly a decade, he worked in digital media and journalism, and also founded a coworking space in Toronto for young creatives called Lab T.O. As a University of Toronto-trained data scientist, David has worked on several high-profile projects that combine data collection, machine learning and visualization. With training in Economics, Data Science, and Journalism, and an entrepreneurial attitude, David brings a rigorous and multifaceted viewpoint to data science projects. He takes pride in being part of a team that helps clients better understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and how to best meet them.

We need to look beyond our biases and conventional wisdom. There’s enormous power in data to challenge our assumptions, and produce valuable insights that both reveal new opportunities and help us avoid costly mistakes. I’m here to help you get the right data and interpret it to give you an accurate view of the world.
David Hamilton

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