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Elisabeth Klughardt

Regional Senior Partner

Elisabeth is the Branch Lead for openeye.partners in Richmond, Virginia. With over a decade of experience in strategic marketing roles, she specializes in engagement management and supporting stakeholders and project teams, in achieving their goals. Having worked agency and client-side for a diverse set of industries: software development, digital marketing, non-profit, and IP services, she provides a unique perspective in her role, cultivating a holistic engagement on every project. Elisabeth enjoys building a diverse community of humans looking to improve the world around them, and after nine years abroad that community continues to grow and transcend borders!

Every brand, client, and project, has the opportunity to make an impact, whether internally or externally. Change begins within organizations, and I strive to identify and apply proven methodologies that support that change, while keeping true to your organization’s spirit.
Elisabeth Klughardt

Elisabeth’s Expertises

  • Change Management
  • Consumer and Brand Research
  • Operations
  • Website Builds
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Management

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