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Brooke Edge

Consumer & Brand Research Partner

Brooke Edge is a researcher and strategist with a PhD in Media Studies and Communications. She has directed solutions and insights development for research and advertising agencies, and prior to academia worked as a features reporter in Prague, Czech Republic. Brooke’s academic research focused on healthcare messaging in popular media, qualitative analysis of audience response, and strategic communications to underserved populations. Brooke has conducted consumer and brand research and strategy efforts for clients including Google, AARP, Brown-Forman, among many others. She also thrives on community involvement, serving as a board leader for numerous Louisville-based non-profit organizations.

Your brand serves real people in the real world. You’ve got to spend time learning about those people and those worlds in order to accurately position and promote what you can bring to their lives.
Brooke Edge

Brooke’s Expertises

  • Consumer and Brand Research
  • Website Builds
  • Strategy and Consulting

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