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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Open Eye have the expertise I need?

Open Eye’s expertise is broad and deep. A few examples of the skills and experience that our Experts bring to the table are growth strategies, business operations and finance, branding and marketing, qualitative and quantitative market/consumer research, website builds, data science, social media strategies and implementation and project management.

How much does it cost to hire our experts?

All Open Eye engagements are custom priced based on the number of expert’s hours needed to meet the goals of the client. We spend a lot of time before we provide a quote to make sure we understand the insights and expertise that will get each client the best results. We are efficient and lean and the costs to the client will always be tied back to outcomes and deliverables.

Who will do the work that is needed?

Each engagement is facilitated by one of our executive partner and led by a Lead Consultant. From there a team of subject matter experts are matched to the needs of the client. Discover some of our friendly faces below.

Who are the leaders of Open Eye?

Open Eye is lead by a dynamic trio. We are proud to be majority-owned by women, through the leadership of Hilary Osborne (Co-Founder & Senior Partner) and Taylor Tricarico (Managing Partner); to complete the trio, we have Christian Dawson (Co-Founder & Senior Partner). That being said, our trio sees all Consultant Partners as equals, in voice and priority.

Get to Know Us!

Who are Open Eye’s clients?

Open Eye serves leaders of small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our experience and expertise touch upon the industries of technology, education, health, government, wholesale, retail, and social services.

How soon can we get started?

Getting started begins with getting to know each other. We will meet to understand your company’s definition of success and then plot a plan to get there. Once we both agree on the plan and budget, we are off and running. We can typically get a client on-boarded and begin work in three weeks - from first contact to the beginning of an engagement.

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