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Our strength is our global collective of people.

Meet Our Executive Partners

Open Eye was founded in 2014 by Hilary Osborne and Christian Dawson, later rounded to four with the promotion of Taylor Tricarico to Managing Partner in 2019 and the addition of Eric Seto in 2021.

Living the challenges of running, promoting, and growing companies, they all held a shared belief that every business should have access to the on-demand expertise and data they need to be successful. Enter Open Eye.

Leading through compassion and honesty, our executive trio put these values to work every day with Open Eye clients and consultants. After successfully deriving solutions for forward-thinking business leaders and entrepreneurs, they reached a point where it was necessary to create a collective, growing their team to accommodate the incoming service demand.

Leading the Open Eye collective stems from a genuine desire to help leaders, managers, and individuals, to thrive with great people by their side.

Our Vetting Process

We are a collective of experts who love a challenge. Through a meticulous assessment of our client’s needs, we match the best people in our network with their unique blend of experience, hard skills, and perspectives, to optimize client success.

  • Diversity


    At Open Eye, we are partners in each other’s success. We are on a mission to build a culture where everyone can feel confident to be themselves in the work they do. We know every change begins at the human level, and we commit to evolving our teams to include additional, fresh perspectives and a variety of experience.

  • Sustainability


    We take care to deliver outcomes that set our clients up for sustained success. By partnering with our clients on problem-solving, we deliver solutions that stand the test of time. The impact of our work can be felt years after an engagement ends.

  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    At Open Eye, people come first, and we mean it. Our diverse collective of experts are balancing family, friendships and hobbies, a necessary combination for bringing their best selves to work. Open Eye takes care of its people first, so that we can be of best service to you. While we are committed to tailoring our engagements to each unique client, never do we waver from our values, providing solutions that are globally-minded, ethical, and socially conscious. Let’s build a future that we’re proud of.

Meet Our Expert Partners

These are our change agents, efficiency leaders, and growth experts. Open Eye’s collective of expert management consultants bring their experience, perspective, and willingness to get in the weeds with our clients in every engagement.

Think You Might be Right for Open Eye?

Open Eye always has a big eye open to recruiting talented partner consultants. We know that the only way to magnify our positive impact is through the right people.