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Craig Churchward

Senior Finance and Operations Partner

Craig Churchward has seen many aspects of the accounting world from both sides: from the outside looking in from his time with KPMG (a big four accounting firm), as an external auditor, and from the inside looking out from his extensive accounting experience, and finance leadership roles, working for medium-to-large organizations across Canada. While Craig’s expertise lies in asset management and taking the financial lead on large capital projects (most recently, the Destination Project, a $300 million dollar building in Southern Alberta, Canada), he is also highly skilled in all aspects of the accounting cycle. Craig has an instinctive ability to look deep into financial processes and accounting policy to find operationally critical efficiencies.

Staying on task, meeting stakeholder’s expectations, while keeping budgets in line is a challenge for projects both small and large, especially in today’s world of material shortages and inflationary pressures. The value that a competent project accountant brings to any project cannot be overlooked. A good project accountant will lead the finances of a project and keep it within budget. A great project accountant will do more than just the finances, they will be a partner in the overall success of a project and can offer timely advice that can touch on all aspects of the project while keeping the project under budget. This is where I come in. Let me be the financial weapon to your project’s overall success.
Craig Churchward

Craig’s Expertises

  • Growth Strategy
  • Operations
  • Financial Oversight
  • Strategy and Consulting