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Jaime Obregon

Executive Coaching Partner

Jaime is a visionary leader who identifies market opportunities and shapes organizations to effectively cater to their unique niche. In doing so, he understands that for a company to be successful there needs to be a balance between profitability and the engagement and wellbeing of its employees. Jaime’s approach to leadership is consultive and aims to accentuate the talents of the people he works with. Empowering people to think beyond ‘what is’ creates an organization that will self-propel and exceed its own expectations. Jaime grew up in his family’s business and has been CEO of companies in senior living and Ag Tech. In his free time, Jaime enjoys travel, cooking, friends, and good conversation. He lives in the DFW area.

“A successful organization is only as successful as the people who make it all happen. Having the right people in the right positions, coaching, and developing them will result in an environment of high creativity and growth. If I can contribute to creating such an environment, I am fulfilled and happy.”
Jaime Obregon

Jaime’s Expertises

  • Change Management
  • Operations
  • Outsourced Management
  • Financial Oversight
  • Strategy and Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Leadership

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