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RuthAnn Greuling

Compassionate Leadership Partner

RuthAnn Greuling is based in the Triangle area of North Carolina. She brings more than two decades of experience in leadership training & development for Fortune 500s, small businesses, non-profits, government, academia, and entrepreneurs. RuthAnn helps management teams navigate change and build interpersonal relationship skills that scale from start-up to global impact. Throughout her career, she has earned the trust of clients and colleagues in her role as teacher, mentor, and coach.

“Experience has taught me that we are social animals who lead healthier, happier lives when we understand, trust, and respect each other. People working together towards common goals with mutual support achieve great things. That’s what wakes me up with a smile on my face.”
RuthAnn Greuling

RuthAnn’s Expertises

  • Change Management
  • Strategy and Consulting
  • Coaching