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Get to Know our Experts: Mae Marks

Open Eye relies on the amazing talent of our Experts, whose experience and capabilities span the globe and a variety of industries. This Q&A will help you get to know what experiences Mae Marks brings to Open Eye.

Meet Mae!

We’ve all come to Open Eye from diverse backgrounds. What are some of your career or personal highlights to date?

Mae: Being the Director of the Chamber of Commerce for my hometown of LaGrange Kentucky was the most rewarding title I have held in my career so far. Many of the businesses I served had been favorites of mine since childhood - like Karen’s Book Barn on Main Street. My time with the Chamber helped focus and grow my passion for supporting local entrepreneurs. Not to mention it was fascinating to see the inner workings of my hometown and be able to poke my head in the Mayor’s office and he knew my name!

Outside feedback is enormously important for businesses. What’s some feedback that you’ve received personally that helped you grow?

Mae: To think smaller thoughts. Sometimes it’s okay to not look at the bigger picture. To not intimidate yourself with the endless possibilities of big ideas. Sometimes you can simply complete the tasks on your list and call it a day. Circle back to the big ideas next week they feel exciting and not daunting.

We all try to bring a lot to the table at Open Eye. What’s your superpower?

Mae: Remembering the small details that make people feel valued and noticed.

We’re fond of the saying, “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” What’s one thing you think an organization should immediately start measuring that they likely aren’t?

Mae: The main challenge I face when trying to activate my unique superpower, is having no data to work with. Adding easy questions to your onboarding process like: What is your favorite snack? or, what is the best compliment you have ever received and why?, can help you identify the best way to acknowledge colleagues or clients in a special way only for them. But you can’t create those meaningful touch points, if you don’t have any information beyond the basics.

What do you love doing in your spare time?

Mae: Give me a good true crime podcast and a sunny Bluegrass afternoon with my beagle-baby on a favorite hiking trail… heavenly!


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