Open Eye Partners with Onecore Ventures to Prioritize People and Passion

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Open Eye Partners with Onecore Ventures to Prioritize People and Passion

Open Eye announced the addition of onecore ventures partner, Eric Seto, to their leadership team.

Open Eye Partners with Onecore Ventures to Prioritize People and Passion

Open Eye, a consulting firm specializing in crafting achievable change strategies with small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofit leaders to make a more significant impact in the world, today announced the addition of onecore ventures partner, Eric Seto, to their leadership team.

“Eric brings a good deal of strategic thought when it comes to paths to fundraising and partnership building,” says Open Eye Co-founder and Executive Partner Christian Dawson. “That skill set will allow us to serve our clients who have the desire to go beyond the resources that they have internally. Eric’s ability to chart those additional paths is something we’re proud to bring to Open Eye and the companies we serve.”

Open Eye has always been adept at helping companies optimize and grow their businesses, but Eric brings with him crucial expertise on scaling enterprise-level businesses. “With onecore, and more specifically, with Eric sitting on our team, we can offer current and future clients more robust strategic advisory and boots-on-the-ground help than before,” says Taylor Tricarico, Executive and Managing Partner at Open Eye.

Because of Eric’s extensive experience, Open Eye can now offer a myriad of additional services that complement those they already offer. “We want to have a full, operations-driven toolkit to meet any need that a company has for their growth,” Christian says. “This collaboration with onecore allows us to use a more dynamic set of resources than we’ve had before.”

Open Eye’s relationship with onecore is fully collaborative in every way, allowing them to now provide an unmatched suite of services for their clients. “Both companies recognized that our relationship is complementary, not only because we don’t compete, but because of the continuum of growth for the companies that we’re both touching,” Eric says. “Open Eye complements our investments into companies, as an entree to ensure success at key financial, operational, and strategic goals.”

The decision to add a new partner to Open Eye’s tight-knit leadership team is one that was not made lightly. By adding Seto to the leadership team and collaborating with onecore, Open Eye will be able to provide more opportunities for every organization they serve. “What we bring to Open Eye is our ability to help clients holistically, from solving specific problems to the overall ability to grow and scale,” Eric says. “Open Eye ensures that the company can be successful, and we ensure that the company has something to grow towards.”

In addition to Eric’s knowledge of scaling organizations, his core values are also aligned with those at Open Eye. Christian added, “We are excited that we get to work with Eric because he brings all these new skills to the table, but he is still very much one of us when it comes to caring about purpose-driven work and working with businesses that are doing something to make a difference in the world. When it comes to the types of companies that can enable rapid growth, the goal is often bottom-line driven. We wanted to find a group that cared about purpose-driven work while knowing how to accelerate growth.”

As for Eric, he is also enthusiastic about his company’s collaboration with Open Eye and eager to make an impact on their clients. “We love the fact that the founders at Open Eye have values which align with ours and can lean into the collective experiences of serving startups to Fortune 50 clients,” Eric says. “Open Eye gives our collective a strong market in North America to complement our Midwest and East Coast growth. The two companies’ combined forces are both exciting and strategic in access to a larger talent pool of value-driven people.”

Open Eye enthusiastically welcomes Eric to their leadership team and can’t wait to see their impact on helping small and medium businesses grow as a result.

Virginia Shircliffe
  • Growth Strategy

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