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Hilary Osborne

Co-founder & Executive Partner

Hilary is an expert in purpose-driven problem solving. The solutions she helps architect for clients often serve to transform their perspectives, by challenging their ideas of what constraints they are facing. Her creative visioning work starts with understanding what the mission is, and guiding people towards an ideal of how that mission can be articulated. A copy editor by trade, Hilary tends to be brought into projects at the very beginning, to help set goals that center on core objectives, and then at the very end, guiding final work products toward a style and professionalism that matches the objective. Hilary is also an executive leadership coach with a focus on compassionate leadership. She lives in Montreal QC.

Getting a client’s buy-in on change is essential. Everyone on a team can have vastly different needs, but if there isn’t a shared vision for the company, then the final work product can end up fuzzy. My focus is to track projects back to their intent to make sure they meet their intended goals.
Hilary Osborne

Hilary’s Expertises

  • Website Builds
  • Outsourced Management
  • Project Management
  • Coaching

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