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You started your business because you loved working on one concept, product, or service. As your business has grown, your ability to handle certain technical aspects of the business has waned.

Outsourced Management

You don’t always have the resources on hand to handle change in-house. We have got you covered will all the resources you need to operationalize change.

  • Problem It Solves

    We’ll handle the technical “gotta-do’s”, so you can handle the big picture “love-to-do’s”.

  • Scope

    Business counseling

    Workforce support, and team building, and bookkeeping. T

    Temporary COO, CMO and CFO services.

Financial Oversight

You have goals that require financial help. Whether your needs are investment raising, better forecasting, or non-profit fundraising, we have you covered.

  • Problem It Solves

    We can model out your goals and put you on a path to financial success. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to drive your business by the numbers.

  • Scope

    Investment raising

    Non-profit fundraising

    Financial oversight


Project Management

Getting a project done on time and under budget requires central leadership and a plan, to be executed by operations professionals. We can architect the project you need, and see it through to completion.

  • Problem It Solves

    Project management expertise provides a single directly responsible individual to manage teams through the completion of a well-architected project plan.

  • Scope

    Technical and operational project plans

    Technical and operational roadmaps

    Operational oversight from a single point of contact

How We Work With Our Clients

  • Getting to know each other

    When you contact Open Eye, our first task is to listen. We want to get to know you: what’s your story, and what led you to reach out for assistance? We want to understand your specific needs and the timeframe you have in mind to get where you want to be.

  • Building a 
team of experts

    Our collective is composed of best-in-class experts. We will build a customized team of experts for your unique engagement, who will deliver exactly what you need. After we understand your issues and build a team of experts, we present you with a scope of work.

  • Define Success

    All engagements begin by defining what success looks and feels like for you, and your company. We use a proven method to gain clarity on what is really important to you, with the outcome being a unique and measurable definition of success.

  • Goal Setting

    Next, we build discrete goals for the company that track to your definition of success. These goals are documented and shared with stakeholders, and serve as guide-posts for the engagement.

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