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Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching programs are designed to harness your power to work better, lead better, and maximize your positive impact.

Conscious Leadership Coaching

Built from a growing need for authentic employee engagement and proactive intervention, we address the unique and common interpersonal challenges in the workplace:

  • Persistent Scarcity Mindset

    • Employer inflexibility about
    hybrid work opportunities
    • Cultural imbalance: individual
    recognition prioritized over team
    • Insufficient growth opportunities

  • Codependency & Lack of Boundaries

    • Thinking and doing for others
    • Chronic burnout of self and others
    • Persistent need for approval from others

  • Inter-relational Team Challenges

    • Resentment or loss of trust
    • Jealousy, insecurity, annoyance,
    envy, or personality conflicts
    • Not feeling valued or a sense of
    belonging at work

Our Custom Crafted Workshop

Through our research-driven approach, and suite of interpersonal relationship tools and techniques, Conscious Leadership can bring you and your team from status quo to real, actionable next steps.

We help visionary leaders like you to better understand, trust, and express yourself in a positive and impactful way that builds teams based on honest and authentic relationships. Together, we unravel the foundations of your team, and craft a custom workshop that offers tools to improve employee engagement, retain employees, lower your turnover costs, and empower every individual to do their very best work.

Download our one sheet by clicking here.

How We Work With Our Clients

  • Observation & Discovery Session

  • Custom Workshop Creation

  • Two Hour Team Workshop

  • Follow Up Evaluation & Next Steps

Who We Are

Our program is led by Hilary Osborne, co-founder of Open Eye, and RuthAnn Greuling, co-director of the initiative. Both are certified relationship coaches and combine decades of experience in leadership development, training, and team building for business, non-profits, academia, and government.

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