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Leadership Coaching

We believe healthy relationships precede increased productivity and profitability. But healthy relationships need structure and practical application at work. That’s where we come in.

Leadership Coaching

Built from a growing need for authentic employee engagement and proactive intervention, we address the unique interpersonal challenges in the workplace. By working with us, you’ll achieve:

Our Custom Crafted Workshop

Empowering Every Individual: Open Eye Conscious Leadership programs help visionary leaders like you better understand, trust, and express yourself in a positive and impactful way that builds teams based on honest and authentic relationships. Together, we improve engagement, increase productivity, and elevate your organization to the next level of success.

Hilary and RuthAnn lead the Open Eye Conscious Leadership program. As certified relationship coaches, we offer decades of experience helping leaders optimize team performance. Working together, we transform ideas into action through a suite of interpersonal relationship skills and tools dedicated to your and your team’s success.

Want to know more? Read or download our Intro to Conscious Leadership here!

Who We Are

Our program is led by Hilary Osborne, co-founder of Open Eye, and RuthAnn Greuling, co-director of the initiative. They are certified relationship coaches and combine decades of experience in leadership development, training, and team building for business, non-profits, academia, and government.

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